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Cindy is a people and organizational development consultant, transformation catalyst and coach, and community builder who enjoys bringing joy, health, and love to groups. Her passion is to support people in unfolding their uniqueness and reaching their full potential through meaningful learning experiences that positively impacts the planet.  

She has been interested in mentoring people to overcome challenges and expand their experiences since she was a volunteer youth counsellor for over five years during her early career. Her interest in people and their stories led to a career in human and organizational development pillars. Cindy uses her keen observation, active listening, and reflection skills to coach individuals and groups to gain insights into their development.

Her research-based coaching methodology draws on Adult Stage Development, Integral Theory, and Adaptive Leadership. One of her biggest learnings as a coach is that change does not happen through increased deliverables or greater focus on tasks. Emotional, somatic, and relational awareness is essential for success and satisfaction in the workplace and beyond. She approaches her coaching work from the heart and supports clients connect to that place in themselves.


"Should you live for your resume or your eulogy"?

David Brooks


Support Personal Transformation Journey


Reach Your Full Potential


What Clients Are Saying

Cindy is a strong listener. Her coaching style is comfortable, steady, and gives lots of room to discover the proper outcomes vs. being forced to fit into outcomes. Lots of folks are skeptical of coaching, and for me, this was my first experience, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Cindy brought in relevant frameworks in due course after understanding the gaps and issues and supported me in connecting the dots across various domains. Her coaching added lots of value to multiple dimensions, such as identification of focus areas, behavioral traits of self, and converting all of those to coaching outcomes. We have now taken her services for two individuals from our leadership team besides myself.

Saurabh, Co-Founder 

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